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What is Spiritual Astrology?

Understanding your birth chart
helps you live your life to
its fullest potential

It isn’t a religion, and is not ‘sun sign astrology’. Your personal astrology chart is calculated using the date, time and place of your birth.

This pattern of planets inside a wheel is like a mandala, and it represents the flow of energy you have chosen for this lifetime — the challenges and the inherent gifts.

Spiritual Astrology focuses more specifically on the inner life of unfolding consciousness. It centers on the soul and how it can work effectively through the personality by exploring your current life contract with past lives and karmic patterns.

Understanding the links between 
past, present & future patterns
is an empowering process,
& is often the first step to
a deeper understanding
of the self

By realising and expressing your own potential you can facilitate your own growth and resolve inner conflicts.

Whether you are curious, interested, or already on your own inner journey, these sessions provide support and a deeper awareness for your personal stage of development.

Deb Rollings

Spiritual Astrologer 

Deb Rollings Psychotherapist-Astrologer

Something About Me
That May Be of Interest To You

I grew up in a family that believed in “spiritualism” (belief in the afterlife) which included sacred rituals. I was doing affirmations and meditations long before the “New Age”.  In my family home I was made aware of the vibration of numbers, energy healing and many other sacred practices.

Spiritualism is a religion and although I no longer attend a spiritualist church, I honor the knowledge and understanding I grew up with.

Amongst “Old Moores Almanac” and the Edgar Cayce readings in the bookshelves of my childhood home, I found the symbols of Astrology — and I recognised them!

And so, prior to my formal studies in Psychotherapy, I studied astrology and became a qualified professional Astrologer with Canopus Academy.  I started formal studies of Astrology in 1979 — I studied with many people over many years — including Alan Johnson, Jacki Warren, and Kerrie Redgate.

When I started practicing Astrology, it was still being demonised and misunderstood, which led me to change my name — so some people know me as “Kath” from the time I first started practicing astrology.

Jung said Astrology was the first psychology and accurate predictor of personality

I also have Qualifications & Experience in :

  • Seichim Reiki as a Master-Teacher — workshop facilitator over 30 years
  • Energy Healing & Tarot — also facilitating workshops for several decades
  • Archetypal Chart Reading
  • Past-life Therapy
  • Crystal Healing

Astrology Service & Fee

Spiritual Astrology online consultations via Skype

Includes current Transits, chart preparation, and session audio

Session: 1.5 hours A$200

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